Collection: Membership

Just as the green jacket belongs to Augusta National members or winners of the Masters, the Jessup Lonza Club official membership is reserved for those who deserve to be a part of one of the most prestigious clubs in the world…or at least in Jessup. 

The Jessup Lonza Club was formed in 2022 as a means of bringing people together through Italian cuisine and culture. While enjoying unique fare and libations, we are able to connect with loved ones and strangers alike to revel in shared stories and create new memories. 

It is recommended that members have a particular predilection towards cured Italian meats, food and culture. However, it is a requirement to be an affable and caring individual. The Jessup Lonza Club stays true to those values throughout the year. 2023 marked our first charitable event with the Meat Run 5k race. We were fortunate enough to have partnered with an amazing local charity called the Fruits and Roots Community Fridge. All proceeds from the 5k race were donated and helped provide families within our community meals for Thanksgiving and more. 

The official membership is dedicated to those with a predilection for cured Italian meats. As a member you will have access to private content, discounts on JLC apparel, discussions, and group meetings. 

Each membership includes the official membership card, t-shirt, and hat. After purchasing, you will be added to the official member email list to receive discounts, access to recipes, and much more. 

Memberships will be limited each year and available only by a first come first served basis, meaning once sold out, membership quota will have been reached for the year. Exceptions will only be granted by the president and reserved for special cases. 

With that being said, secure your bragging rights and join the greatest club in Jessup.